The Pain of Having a Disobedient Dog

Just the other day I was browsing over the internet and I came over stories that shook my heart. People were complaining how their disobedient dogs have brought them trouble. They were irritated, angered and some even traumatized by the action of their dogs. There some that were considering the unthinkable option of killing their dogs and giving up on ever owning a dog again. Their dogs had brought them immeasurable pain and costs as a result of their utter disobedience. This led me to realize owning a dog that does not undergo proper dog obedience training is a total disaster no dog lover should risk undergoing.

disobedient dogs
One owner had just adopted this beautiful dogo argentino half breed named Roxy that they adopted from the street. She was beautiful you should have seen her. She was about a year and a half when she was adopted. The family felt great joy at adding such a beautiful darling to their house. Their joy though was short lived. Having Roxy around the house became problematic from day one. She couldn’t handle being put on a leash. She barked uncontrollably and irritated neighbors. Then, perhaps the greatest trouble she ever caused and was so fond of, she couldn’t handle himself around strangers. One day their friend Johnny came over to visit them and as soon as he was through the door, Roxy attacked him aiming right at his face he was so lucky to only escape with a few stiches. It would have been much worse had the owners not intervened early enough.

After experiencing this the owner had decided to do away with Roxy and not risk any further damage by the dog. But before he did he was introduced to an online dog trainer. He was a bit skeptical about the ability of the online dog trainers’ methods to rehabilitate Roxy but out of the affection he had for the dog he decided to at least give it a try. Fortunately, the dog obedience training tips he was given worked perfectly and Roxy day after day started behaving herself around strangers and now they enjoy an amazing relationship and she has brought so much joy to their family.

This story is just one among the many I went through. Many people are finding it hard coping with the damage their dogs do. There is no joy in keeping a disobedient dog. He or she will make your life a living hell. The basis of any relationship is understanding. If your dog is disobedient it shows that there is no understanding between you. That’s why you can’t decipher what he or she does and he cannot do what you instruct him or her to do. That’s why he keeps on tearing your sofa, that’s why he keeps attacking your friends even if you order him not to, that’s why you cannot get him to stay indoors without having to tie him on a leash, that’s why he keeps troubling you when you take him to a walk. He needs obedience training.

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