Secrets to Becoming a Pack Leader

Modern day dogs may not share the same attributes with the wild wolves they descended from but they have one common distinctive character they still retain; the pack mentality. Being in a pack enables dogs and other pack animals look out for each other, to protect each other. In a pack there exists power struggles. The pack members fight against each other for the pack supremacy. Whoever wins becomes the pack leader and earns the respect of the other members. The leader sets the rules and the rest accepts them because they understood they were weaker than the leader and could not afford to dissent against him.

Dog owners must take the privilege of being the pack leader from a member of his pack and take it for himself to be able to gain the packs obedience. Dogs are highly intuitive animals they do not just take orders from anybody who gives them. They have intelligence to decide who is strong enough in their command to earn respect from them. If you look around carefully you will notice that there is only one person he respects above all in the family. So if you have a dog or dogs you must get them to decide to obey you as their pack leader.

Many stray dogs in the streets must once have had a pack leader who was not effective and confident enough to command their respect and loyalty. Dogs must have somebody to follow for them to be house trained or be given obedience training. They show disobedience and indiscipline and end up being trouble not only to the household but also to the society.

How you behave around your other family members plays a great deal in you being an effective pack leader. The pack leader has to be above all the others in the pecking order. This does not necessarily mean he doesn’t have to show affection and gentleness to the dog. It only means he has to show leadership and control.

Being a pack leader requires on to always show consistency in both routine and discipline. If you show inconsistency in your dog obedience training he or she will figure out the weak link and will use it to manipulate it. You have to show control and avoid frustration. Showing frustration and aggression towards your dog reveals weakness and that may make you lose your position as an effective pack leader. You must not use physical aggression on your dog if he shows resistance to your authority. Be patient with him and inspire him to choose to follow your command

It may take time to get your dog to fully recognize you as his or her ultimate pack leader and respect your position. But the wait and effort is worth it and will prove fruitful once you gain his or her confidence and respect. It will ease your efforts of dog obedience training as he will readily submit to your commands and be ready to learn from you.

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