9 Bad Behaviors for Puppies That Must Be Trained

In this article we discuss 9 bad behaviors that you must look out for when you are preparing to train your new puppy

1. Pulling on The Leash

Training your puppy to be comfortable and relaxed when he has a leash on his neck is very essential otherwise trying to walk him down the street would be disastrous. He will keep pulling you from side to side run around you in circles which if you are not careful may get your legs entangled and even cause accidents. You need to know how to train your puppy to walk on the leash without causing trouble.

2. Mouthing and Biting IssuesChoosing a Puppy to Train

Puppy’s teeth are very sharp but that doesn’t prevent them from trying to chew on things and play around with kids. They like biting, chewing and mouthing people’s hands and legs and clothe. This may be dangerous and could easily lead to injury and that’s why you have to train them to use their mouths gently. Bite inhibition is the term used to describe a dog’s ability not to use his mouth recklessly. Puppies may acquire this ability when training with other puppies but the training has to be enhanced for them to recognize that humans skin is softer than other that one of a dog.

3. Disobedience

Puppies also have to be trained against open disobedience. To have to train them to obey when you command otherwise you won’t be able to prevent them from causing trouble or getting themselves into trouble.

4. Stealing

A puppy stealing things is one of the most irritating things about owning a dog. They could steal your car key and get you late for work or misplace other things of importance. That’s why you have to train them to cease from stealing things they are not supposed to.

5. Aggression

You need to train your puppy to be socially fit. They have to learn to exist in their surrounding without causing problems to other puppies, other pets or people.Training Puppy

6. Running Away

Puppies may get a little naughty sometimes. They might disappear to the wild or to the neighbors’ place maybe because of other puppies being there or just out of mischief. You have to get him to stick around the household and not get off every time he is set loose.

7. Hyperactivity

An active puppy is a joy to have around but a hyperactive one is trouble. You need to know how to train your puppy to stay calm when needed to and to control their behavior when around the house.

8. Tail Chasing

Tail chasing may be harmless and a normal way kind of play dogs engage in but when they do it repetitively and excessively it becomes a problem as it may cause injury. It is important to train your puppy to restrain from this behavior.

9. Jumping On and Destroying Your Furniture

Puppies have to be trained to recognize that they have to restrain from jumping on furniture and other items in the house and tearing them.

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