5 Commands to Teach Your Puppy

Sit, come, leave it, down and stay are some of the basic commands one needs to know about how to train a puppy. These commands are important especially when teaching other complex behavioral traits and eliminating bad behavior. This article explores these commands and gives an insight on how dog owners can train their puppies to understand and obey them.


This is perhaps the most common and easiest command to teach your puppy. All you need to know about training your puppy to obey the ‘sit’ command. To teach your puppy to obey this command you start with holding a treat right above the puppies heads not close enough for him to easily grab it but enough to his bottom to touch the floor or ground. Once he is in this position say ‘sit’ and pass the treat to him. You have to repeat this procedure until the puppy learns to sit when commanded with or without a treat.

Trainiing a Husky Puppy
Girl (12 years) training Alaskan Klee Kai puppy (12 weeks).


This is another important command that you have to train your puppy to obey. This command is essential as it is the one you use to stop your dog from both causing trouble and getting into trouble in case he accidentally gets off the lease or goes out of the house without you noticing. To know how to train a puppy to obey this command put him on the leash and create some distance between you and him them pull him towards you gently as you say ‘come ’ and reward him when he gets to you. Repeat this drill until he masters to respond to the command.

Leave it

This command helps you protect your puppy from playing with things that can be harmful, poisonous or inflammable. You need to have two treats in both hands always one better than the other get him to smell the lesser one and tell him to leave it as he tries hard to get it and only hand him the other treat if he leaves the first one and turns to the second treat.


It is Perhaps the most difficult to train. For this one you need to get a nice smelling treat and enclose it in your hands. You then hold it near his head and move your hand gently towards the floor then say ‘down’ get him in the down posture and then reward him. Repeat this until he learns to get down when asked to.


It is advised to only attempt teaching this after your puppy has mastered the ‘sit’ command. This is sometimes difficult to teach in larger and high energy breeds as they prefer to always be moving around. You have to exercise patience if your puppy takes longer time to start obeying this command. Get your puppy in sitting position and say ‘stay’ move back a few steps reward him if he stays in the sitting position. Increase the distance you move back until he can be able to stay in that position even when you are gone.

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